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Children's Church Curriculum -

Biblical Sunday School
Lessons & Curriculum

Sunday School lessons and curriculum for small churches

Kids deserve exciting Bible teaching from passionate, dedicated teachers. You long to peek into classrooms where kids are fully engaged and teachers’ faces light up with delight.

That’s why Vivid Sunday School Curriculum makes an impact where it matters most–in the hearts and minds of kids. With three age-appropriate levels, Vivid Sunday School will open children’s eyes to see God’s truth more clearlyand in full color!

Every Vivid Sunday School lesson is filled with experiences and discoveries that will bring God’s Word into living color for kids. 

Every Vivid Sunday School lesson is undergirded by digging deeper into God’s Word through kids’ senses and learning styles. The wide variety of activities in each lesson will keep kids’ interest longer.

In every Vivid Sunday School lesson, kids interact with God through age-appropriate Bible discovery that leads to prayer and worship!

Vivid Sunday School’s deeper questions lead children of all ages to greater understanding (rather than the typical basic who/what questions).

Vivid Sunday School’s creative games and interactive Bible experiences are multisensory…and fun! Crafts and snacks get kids hands on with learning more about God. Kids will love learning from God’s Word with every lesson! 

Vivid Sunday School lessons lead kids to hide God’s Word in their hearts through deeper understanding and engaging Bible memory activities.

Every Vivid Sunday School lesson has these age-appropriate elements…


A creative object lesson helps kids understand Bible truths even more. And not only can you use the children’s sermon in your class, but it’s also a great addition for you or your pastor to use in “big church” or as children’s church curriculum.


You want your kids to treasure God’s Word deep in their hearts. Help children hide God’s Word in their heart with a different way to understand and memorize the Bible memory verse each week.


Using kids’ multiple intelligences as a filter, every week’s Bible interactive experience will capture kids’ interest in the ways they learn best. Kids will dig into the Bible story to take away deeper Bible truths.


For your artistic kids, this time will be a favorite in every lesson. But even your fifth-grade boys will love these crafts! Each craft is a creation that kids will want to take home with them.

Some videos bring the Bible stories to life through animation. Other videos illustrate an important aspect of the Bible truth that only the medium of video can accomplish.


Let’s be honest. Sometimes there are parts of a Bible lesson that are just more difficult than others and teachers can get frustrated. Each weekly How-To Video pulls out that difficult part and explains it in detail so your teachers experience greater satisfaction as they prepare and teach.


With an active game each week, you won’t just get the wiggles out of kids, but you’ll also help them make a connection to the Bible truth for that week. What a fun way for kids to learn!


We like to call these snacks “food for thought” because not only are they yummy, but they also help kids learn more about the Bible truth. These snacks will be “food for thought” that kids remember long after the lesson.


It’s not enough to tack on a quick prayer if we want kids to learn how to talk to God. That’s why each lesson gives you what you need to lead kids to the throne of God in meaningful ways. 


Lead children with songs of praise and adoration for the God they are learning about in each lesson. Not a musician? That’s okay. We give you the sheets with music and lyrics that you need to lead like a pro.