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Download a full Sunday School lesson for every age group, plus videos, activities, handouts, and more.

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Multi-sensory for every learning style

Every Vivid Sunday School lesson is undergirded by digging deeper into God’s Word through kids’ senses and learning styles. The variety of activities in each lesson will keep kids’ interest longer.

God's Word in full color for kids

You want your kids to treasure God’s Word deep in their hearts. Help children hide God’s Word in their heart with a different way to understand and memorize the Bible memory verse each week.

Designed for flexibility and biblical depth

Flexible lessons for kids in-person and at home. Using kids’ multiple intelligences as a filter, every week’s Bible interactive experience will capture kids’ interest in the ways they learn best. Kids will dig into the Bible story to take away deeper Bible truths.

Animated videos & how-tos

Some videos bring the Bible stories to life through animation. Other videos illustrate an important aspect of the Bible truth that only the medium of video can accomplish.

And for your volunteers, let's be honest. Sometimes there are parts of a Bible lesson that are just more difficult than others and teachers can get frustrated. Each weekly How-To Video pulls out that difficult part and explains it in detail so your teachers experience greater satisfaction as they prepare and teach.

Smiling and engaged children

Every Vivid Sunday School lesson includes an attention-grabbing video for kids and an instructional how-to video for teachers.

Your kids will love the animated video that brings God’s Word into full color.

Deeper understanding

Every lesson provides age-appropriate questions so a lesson is never a boring teacher monologue. Instead, the teacher serves as a wise guide taking kids through experiences that lead to discovery and great conversations. Deeper questions lead children of all ages to greater understanding (rather than the typical basic who/what questions). 

Every lesson is delivered digitally

So easy! Your team will love sharing and downloading all teacher plans, student handouts, animated videos, how to videos, and parent pages. It's the easiest (and safest) way to get lessons to your teachers in plenty of time for them to prepare.

And now, with churches struggling to meet in-person, it's a snap to share each lesson with families and children in your ministry. Everyone can easily read, print, and watch all materials from the safety of their own home.

The team behind Vivid Sunday School

Real children’s ministry leaders and curriculum creators are headed by veteran curriculum creator Christine Yount Jones. Christine served as the executive editor for Children’s Ministry Magazine for almost three decades. She is responsible for the initial concepts of these Group Publishing resources: Dig-In digital curriculum, Buzz instant Sunday school curriculum, and Grapple preteen curriculum. She also created Celebration Place, the children’s curriculum for Celebrate Recovery. Hundreds of articles and a dozen books round out Christine’s content contributions to children’s ministry.

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