“What I love about Vivid curriculum is that, regardless of your ministry size, everything you need to teach kids about Jesus’ love is right at your fingertips for a great price.”

Jennifer Hooks, former executive editor for Children’s Ministry Magazine 

Take a Look at Everything You Get!

Every week…in every Bible lesson…you’ll receive:

Preschool Lesson Plan

These age-appropriate lessons for kids ages 3-5 are built for non-readers who need more concrete concepts.

Lower Elementary Lesson Plan

These age-appropriate lessons for kids ages 6-9 are built for early readers who are able to grasp more abstract concepts.

Upper Elementary Lesson Plan

These age-appropriate lessons for kids 10-12 are built for preteens who are able to handle deeper concepts and discussions.

Age-Appropriate Handouts

Each week, you’ll get interactive and meaningful handouts for kids to enjoy.

Animated Bible Story Video for Kids

Some videos bring the Bible stories to life through animation. Other videos illustrate an important aspect of the Bible truth that only the medium of video can accomplish.

How-to Video for Teachers

Let’s be honest. Sometimes there are parts of a Bible lesson that are just more difficult than others and teachers can get frustrated. Each weekly How-To Video pulls out that difficult part and explains it in detail so your teachers experience greater satisfaction as they prepare and teach.

Three Parent Handouts 

To truly impact children with God’s Word, we must partner with parents. Each lesson has age-appropriate handouts for you to give or email to parents. Each week, parents get simple daily reminders to review the Bible memory verse, to discuss a question with their child, and to pray together. 

Teacher Devotions

Vivid Sunday School Curriculum is built with your teachers in mind. Each week, your teachers get an inspirational devotion that will help them grow closer to God, too. After all, you want to bring God’s Word into full color for your teachers, too.

Bible Backgrounds

To bring God’s Word into full color for kids, your teachers need a deeper background to each week’s passage. In simple and interesting style, your Sunday School teachers can read these quick Bible backgrounds and be ready to go.

Prices include digital resources for all ages and any class size

Theologically-sound & highly flexible