Frequently Asked Questions

At VIVID Sunday School Curriculum, we know you care about teaching God’s Word in ways that help children truly learn. Every week, these lessons go deeper to bring God’s Word into full color for kids of all ages.

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q: What is Vivid Sunday School Curriculum's doctrine?

A: Vivid Sunday School Curriculum is part of the Outreach Inc. family of businessees. Please read our full Statement of Faith here.

Q: Is Vivid Sunday School Curriculum affiliated with a denomination or Church?

A: Vivid Sunday School Curriculum is not affiliated with a church or denomination. We are a part of the Outreach Inc. family of businesses.

Q: What Bible version is used in Vivid Sunday School Curriculum?

A: Vivid Sunday School Curriculum primarily uses the NIV translation of the Bible. However, other versions are used if the Vivid editorial team feels like a particular translation is better understood by children.

Q: Can Vivid Sunday School Curriculum's materials be used for virtual and in-person lessons?

A: This curriculum is excellent for both virtual and in-person Sunday School. All of the materials are downloadable files and folders, so you can print them out to use in-person, send them electronically, or post them to your church’s website.

Q: Does Vivid Sunday School offer materials in Spanish?

A: At this time, Vivid does not offer materials in Spanish.

Q: Where can I find the scope and sequence?

Check out our full scope and sequence here!

Q: Why do I need to insert my credit card in order to start a free trial?

A: Credit card information is collected prior to starting the free trial because Vivid automatically starts your subscription after your trial period. This enables customers to have a seamless transition from the trial period to the membership period without interruptions in access to materials and content. If you cancel before your trial ends, your card will not be charged!

Q: How can I cancel my trial or subscription?

After you’re logged into the Vivid Sunday School Curriculum site, under the “Account” section, there’s a purple button called “Manage subscription” that you’ll press. You can cancel from that page.

If you have any issues cancelling, email

Q: I'm having trouble downloading material from the Vivid Sunday School Curriculum site.

A: For best results, download from a computer with an excellent internet connection rather than a mobile device. Also be aware that the digital download files are varying sizes and some are quite large. Make sure you have ample storage space on your device to avoid download errors due to lack of storage.